REA Biogas

Power - Heat - Transport - Injection to Grid

Since 2004 REA Biogas has been championing the cause of anaerobic digestion (AD) and has been the unifying force which has helped to bring the industry forward into the expansion we have seen in the past two years. We are a democratic association in which all organisations and members have an equal say, and we take pride in working to promote the sustainable production of biogas for power, heat, transport and injection to grid.


Latest Biogas News:

  • Training course on AD plant operation

    Download the booking form for a 4-day training couse on Practical digester biology – optimisation of biogas production & Optimisation in gas and digestate utilisation Join the n...

    Posted: 30 January, 2017

  • REA responds to Ofgem consultation on decommissioning practices

    Ofgem consulted in August 2016 on standard industry practice for commissioning plants in the RO scheme. This will gain increasing importance as the RO closure date approaches...

    Posted: 2 September, 2016