REA Safety Alert

The latest safety alerts from the Biogas industry

REA Safety Alert records incidents affecting safety and the environment that have occurred in the Anaerobic Digestion and biowaste industries.  Serious incidents related to slurries and manures on farms outside the industry will also be included.  

National GridREA Safety Alert system is supported by the National Grid.

Alert ID:
  • Self-combusting carbon filters

    You may, may not be aware, of the recent spate of carbon filter fire incidents that have hit the AD and Biogas sector, causing significant losses to insurers. In certain circumstances the carbon filter can become self-combusting. As such it is imperative for you to ensure you have completed your Risk assessments / HAZOP to clearly identify the risks, the people you employ on the maintenance must have risk assessments and method statements taking into account the hazards and risks...

    Alert ID: 01010
    Date of incident: 4 October, 2016

  • Serious injury at Biomethane to Grid Construction site

    An engineer received serious injuries to his upper body from a pressure component which was part of a biomethane upgrading plant ...

    Alert ID: 01002
    Date of incident: 19 August, 2014

  • Catastrophic failure of secondary digester tank

    A food and farm waste AD plant.   There was a catastrophic failure of the secondary digester tank and parts of the tank were projected a considerable distance across the site. Improvements in secondary containment (bunding) following a previous incident resulted in the fact that most of the tank contents were retained within the site...

    Alert ID: 00017
    Date of incident: 1 May, 2014

  • Stream & road pollution from digestate storage tank

    An estimated 500 cubic meters of digestate escaped from the site, some entered the nearby stream, ran out of the site entrance onto the main road and then entered a local brook via the highway drainage system. The digestate came from a temporary steel walled storage tank (surrounded by an earth bund) containing about 700 cubic metres of digestate. The temporary tanks are used to store digestate prior to land spreading. It appears that at the time of the incident part of the bund had been removed to allow plant access to the storage tank...

    Alert ID: 00016
    Date of incident: 1 February, 2014

  • Agitator tears hole in tank - discharges 700m3 digestate

    A faulty agitator at a merchant facility tore a hole on the side of a digester tank resulting in 700m³ of digestate escaping, resulting in downstream pollution. There was no secondary containment in place...

    Alert ID: 00015
    Date of incident: 30 September, 2013

  • 5,000 gallons of digestate discharged at an on-farm facility

    Approximately 5,000 gallons of digestate escaped at an on-farm facility as a result of foam blockages building up within the pressure relief valves; digestate was actually released intentionally to relieve tank pressure. There was a sealed drainage system, but no secondary containment in place. Also no management system or written operating procedures...

    Alert ID: 00014
    Date of incident: 1 September, 2013

  • Foaming incident at WaterTreatment Plant

    A catastrophic foaming incident occurred at a wastewater treatment works facility whereby a digester tank without a lid ‘over-topped’ spilling approximately 2,000m³ of sludge/foam. There was no secondary containment in place...

    Alert ID: 00013
    Date of incident: 9 June, 2013

  • 400m3 digestate released from tanks into ditches

    A large quantity of digestate escaped from an on-farm facility with up to 400m³ entering nearby ditches. A seal around the pipe at the bottom of the tank had failed and the secondary containment system failed because it was not purpose built...

    Alert ID: 00012
    Date of incident: 15 March, 2013

  • 75,000 gallons of digested slurry discharged from an on-farm facility

    A separation of the inner surface of a tank wall from its base and the failure of sealant between the two caused 75,000 gallons of digested slurry to escape from an on-farm facility. The secondary containment failed to hold...

    Alert ID: 00011
    Date of incident: 1 February, 2013

  • Digester tank bursts under pressure

    A digester tank with a volume of 330m³ burst under pressure causing biogas and digestate to escape. The exact cause of this failure is not known because the damage caused to the facility was so extensive...

    Alert ID: 00010
    Date of incident: 31 January, 2013