About REA Safety Alert

Information about the REA Safety Alert system

Getting involved as a Participating Company or Organisation
We encourage all REA member companies and organisations to become Participating Members with a listing on the Safety Alert website.   By becoming a participating member your company would agree to notify incidents and this information would be processed by an REA Administrator and anonymised.  The text would be agreed with the company before entering it on the site.   Participating members listed on the website are likely to be regarded as having a proactive attitude towards safety and information sharing; these organisations will be consulted by REA regarding plans for the development of the scheme.   To join, simply notify the REA of your interest.

How it works
Notifications on incidents impacting on human health or the environment can be made by any organisation.   We encourage the inclusion of “near misses” and equipment failures that might help prevent a similar incident elsewhere.    REA will also migrate publicly available anonymised information from HSE and Environment  Agency to the site.   A key word search facility will take you to generic incidents and a monthly summary will be sent to members.  The site will be carefully moderated by the REA Administrator to ensure that data is accurate and to eliminate malicious inputs.