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Centrica is the UK’s leading residential energy supplier, better known through its British Gas and Scottish Gas brands. With key interests in upstream gas and power assets we have more recently also played a significant role in supporting the development of renewable generation. Centrica has led the industry in terms of the purchase of Renewables Obligation Certificates, which guarantee the power purchased has been generated by renewable means, in doing so giving strong support to independent generators, including those developing biomass, wind and landfill gas technologies. We have committed to spending £1.5 Billion to developing our own renewable generation fleet. Combining our offshore experience gained in the gas industry with that of leading renewables players, our primary focus is currently the development of offshore wind farms, building on a larger scale and taking advantage of the significant wind resource around Britain’s coastline. We have recently built the World’s largest offshore wind development at Lynn and Inner Dowsing, with a further Offshore wind portfolio in development of around 1,400MW. Centrica believes the development of renewables is crucial as part of Britain’s diverse energy portfolio, not only reducing carbon emissions from energy generation but also helping security of supply as the UK becomes increasingly dependent on imported gas. British Gas New Energy is a new business offering customers a range of low carbon solutions, including energy efficiency and microgeneration products and services. It also continues to deliver British Gas’ regulatory obligations in energy efficiency under the CERT programme. During 2008, we continued to expand the range of products and services that we can offer our customers. In January we acquired a minority equity stake in Ceres Power Holdings plc and entered into a development and distribution agreement. Ceres are developing a fuel cell domestic boiler which generates electricity at the same time as producing heat. In September we entered the microgeneration market though our acquisition of Solar Technologies, an installer of solar photovoltaic technology. In October we acquired Semplice Energy Ltd, a low carbon solutions company who offer consulting, design and systems integration to help businesses reduce their energy usage and use cleaner energy. We also entered into technology partnerships with Disenco, a developer of a micro combined heat and power appliance, and VPhase, a developer of energy saving products. British Gas New Energy also sought to raise awareness of energy efficiency through the successful “Green Streets” campaign, where streets in the UK competed against each other to see which could save the most energy. In April 2009 we acquired a minority equity stake in Econergy, who sell, design, install and maintain biomass heating systems for the public sector, businesses and domestic properties, and also provide community heating solutions in the form of district heating systems.