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Clarke Energy Ltd

Power House, Senator Point
South Boundary Road
Knowsley Industrial Park
L33 7RR

Tel: +44 (151) 546 4446

Clarke Energy is a multinational company that specialises in the engineering, installation and maintenance of gas-fuelled power plants. These power plants operate on a number of renewable fuels including biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas and synthesis gas. Clarke Energy is the authorised distributor and service provider for GE's gas engine business in the UK and eleven other countries. Biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas are renewable gases derived from the anaerobic digestion of putrescible material. This gases can be used at high efficiency and reliability in Jenbacher gas engines. Synthesis gas is formed from the gasification of organic material under heat and pressure. If the organic material is derived from waste wood it is a form of renewable fuel. This fuel can also be used in specially modified gas engines, giving high levels of electrical efficiency. Combined heat and power (CHP) using gas engines delivers the highest levels of fuel efficiency by simultaneously producing electricity and making use of the heat produced from the combustion of the fuel gas. In addition to renewable fuels, gas engines can also be applied to coal mine gas, in order to improve worker safety and minimise carbon emissions. Gas produced as a by-product of the extraction of petroleum is called 'flare gas' due to it often being burnt off rather than utilised. Gas engines can accept flare gas as a fuel, for reliable onsite power.