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Bidwells is one of the leading firms assisting both landowners and developers to deliver renewable energy projects throughout the UK. The Renewables Team initially specialised in wind technology and have delivered over 70% of wind farms in Scotland. Since 1996 the team has been involved with over 150 renewable energy projects throughout the UK. We act on behalf of land owners and developers on a variety of projects. Bidwells advise on a range of technologies and provide the following services: Energy Audit and Strategy; Anaerobic Digestion; Biomass; Large Scale Wind; Small Scale Wind; Hydro; Photovoltaic Systems; Sustainability Services. Government policy reflects the increasing focus on technologies to produce energy sources, meet legally binding national targets and safeguard against rising fossil energy costs. With a bewildering array of options available, Bidwells has the expertise to assist clients in selecting the right technology to generate renewable energy.