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Farmergy Ltd

Lowbrook Farm
Blandford Forum
DT11 0EQ

Tel: 03330 118586

Farmergy present to the biogas world a range of innovative, problem solving technologies by CaviMax and Wiefferink - for new builds or to upgrade existing AD plants, with the aim of increasing profit margins. The CaviMax hydrodynamic cavitation machine can increase biogas yields and broaden your feedstock portfolio by reducing particle sizes in substrates and disrupting lignin, providing access to previously inaccessible straw and grass feedstocks. Wiefferink manufacture market leading flexible digestate and biogas storage products - providing quickly installed, visually appealing, low impact installations at a fraction of the price of traditional concrete construction technologies. Please contact us to see how we can solve your feedstock, digestate, biogas capacity problems, and help you work smarter not harder. Sales contacts:- Owen Yeatman (07970) 063614 Emma Greenwood (07912) 210369