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Rika Biofuels Developments Ltd

Aldenham Park
WV16 4RN


Rika Biofuels is a developer of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) projects and is developing a pipeline of large volume manure and agri waste projects in the UK and Europe. The Rika model is to develop, own and operate energy from waste projects, specifically AD. Working with local development partners, it takes projects from feedstock and site identification, through to planning, permitting, financing, construction and commissioning. Rika is implementing the leading US biogas technology, DVO Inc, uniquely suited to large volumes of high nitrate containing material such as chicken manure, which gives Rika a significant competitive advantage over more standard European technologies. Rika also offers the Lehmann Bioextruder technology that is a simple and cost effective way of adding value to existing feedstocks, as well as giving you the ability to realise significant biogas yields from lignocellulosic materials such as straw and dry grass. If you are looking for ways to reduce your feedstock bill, or expand your biogas facility, please contact us for a quote.