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  • Biosurf December 2016 newsletter

    The articles listed below comprise the December 2016 edition of the Biosurf newsletter.  Read them on http://www.biosurf...

    Posted: 2 December, 2016

  • Moving to separate food waste collection – what does it mean for me?

    Some councils are changing the way they collect householders waste. Many now collect food waste on a weekly basis, but collect residual waste (general waste or “black bag” waste) and recycling every other week (on alternate weeks).  This way the residual waste and the recyclable waste is collected once every two weeks...

    Posted: 19 October, 2016

  • Fire at an AD / Biogas plant

    The AD industry has suffered 3 major fires originating in carbon filters within the last few months in the United Kingdom. This safety alert is being circulated to make the industry, clients and contractors aware of such avoidable incidents...

    Posted: 18 October, 2016

  • REA responds to Ofgem consultation on decommissioning practices

    Ofgem consulted in August 2016 on standard industry practice for commissioning plants in the RO scheme. This will gain increasing importance as the RO closure date approaches. Please find attached the REA response, drafted by the Biogas Group...

    Posted: 2 September, 2016

  • RHI Degression Analysis

    Please find attached a report by REA's Frank Aaskov.  In summary Deployment in the biomethane market continues to exceed its trigger. Depending on growth in July, the tariff will most likely be degressed by 5-10%. Deployment in the biogas market continues to exceed its trigger, and the biogas tariff is likely to be degressed by 25%...

    Posted: 1 August, 2016

  • Using grass as an AD feedstock - benefits for farmers and soils

    Using certain types of grass as a feedstock for AD plants brings significant benefits to UK soils and farming.  We do not think that these should be subject to limited payments, as has been proposed for eg maize energy crops. We have produced the following briefing sheets based on our response to the RHI consultation...

    Posted: 28 July, 2016

  • Biowaste treatment 2015 indicative data on pollution incidents

    Please find attached the biowaste treatment and use performance slides presented by Viv Dennis and Mat Davis respectively at June's Biowaste Regulatory Forum...

    Posted: 26 July, 2016

  • REA response to DECC Review of support for Anaerobic Digestion and micro-CHP

    The covering letter makes the point "As a general observation, the Feed-In Tariff is now so far removed from its original intention, and it is now so complex and undermined by the cap, that in the opinion of the members of the REA’s Biogas Group it is barely fit for purpose. The majority of these proposals make that situation somewhat worse...

    Posted: 12 July, 2016

  • Letter to REA and ADBA on Carbon Cost Effectiveness of Biomethane in the Renewable Heat Incentive

    Please find attached a 5 page letter from DECC ...

    Posted: 20 June, 2016

  • REA's RHI degression analysis for biogas and biomethane

    DECC has published their quarterly forecast of RHI expenditure today. This shows that both, biomethane and biogas combustion tariffs, will be degressed by 15% on 1 July 2016. Our in-depth biogas and biomethane degression analysis based on this latest report can found in the Member area of this website, at

    Posted: 1 June, 2016

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